BaseImage CellTrac

CellTrac smartphone sample image

BaseImage CellTrac is a personal location broadcasting system utilizing cell phone networks to keep your contacts informed of your whereabouts. As an official Spot device integrator, BaseImage developed CellTrac to function as a sister utility to the Spot service – CellTrac possesses all of the same functionality as the Spot satellite system, including:

  • Alert emergency responders to your GPS location
  • Inform contacts of your location and status
  • Share data with field-workers for updating and decision making.
  • Send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress using any of the BaseImage GIS layers.
  • Request help from contacts at your GPS location

A CellTrac Licence can be purchased using our online registration system. Once an account has been created, users enter the cell phone number, username, password, 8 email/text addressess, and custom messages.

How it works: When you deploy the unit in the field, a text message is sent to the BaseImage server headquarters. That message is then forwarded to our VoIP/SMS server where we parse the message out, add that x,y location to the invasive weed dynamic database, apply that location to the raster map layer service, and then broadcasts this data via email or text message to your subscriber list.