BaseImage NavTrac

NavTrac smartphone sample image

NavTrac is a standalone Smartphone-GPS tracking software application designed by Image Peak Systems for the Outdoor Enthusiast where USGS Topographic maps are the standard.

Users can easily view, pan and zoom through BaseImage’s wide range of maps and datasets, including but not limited to:

  • 1:24,000 Scale shaded elevation topo maps
  • 1:100,000 Scale shaded elevation topo maps
  • 1:250,000 Scale shaded elevation topo maps
  • Aerial Photo Imagery

BaseImage NavTrac map data is available for the entire USA. USGS NED (National Elevation Data) is also included for selected area coverage for offline elevation requirements. The map data sets may contain any combination of BaseImage data and can span multiple storage cards.

Users can initialize NavTrac with or without the GPS. Users work On-Line where maps move below the current GPS position or work Off-Line where users can pan throughout the map data set.

NavTrac requires:

  • ChartTiff Enhanced Digital Graphical Data Sets.
  • A compatible Smartphone running Windows Mobile, with Bluetooth and Memory Card capability.
  • An external Garmin Bluetooth GPS 10 or 10x.